Welcome and thanks for visiting my website. 

I thought I would share the development of my model railway which is based upon Brecon Free Street Station but I have exercised considerable modeller’s latitude so as to a) fit the available space and b) incorporate other modelling ideas which have nothing to do with Brecon whatsoever!


Originally I wanted to replicate Brecon Free Street Station and the associated Watton Goods Yard completely in 4mm scale but it transpired that I would need a room at least 50’ long (approx 15½m) which for me would be virtually impossible in terms of both expense and available structure. I had a small stable with internal dimensions of approximately 6m by 3m which, subject to appropriate planning, would probably be ideal but this meant that I would have to compromise and hence create a representation of the Brecon Free Street rather than a full blown scale model.

I used a simple Building Construction CAD program I created “before and after” 2D plans and 3D views of the aforementioned small stable. 

This is the original plan of the stable showing a double width entrance for ponies from the south with a doorway into a small lockable tack room having a window to the east. Additionally there was an additional boot room with an independent entrance door also to the south. 

Text to be completed.