My key objective was to “play trains” whilst being reasonable accurate is terms of modeling and traffic. Ideally I wanted a continuous run rather than an end to end type of circuit. I wanted to control the layout using controllers and switches rather than sit at a computer screen even though this did sound tempting. I did decide to go down the DCC controlling route in respect of traffic (engines et cetera) as it did seem to offer a more realistic method of “driving” the trains. Red is the Brecon complex, Blue is a representation of Watton Goods Yard including coaling, ash pit, water et cetera whilst green is effectively the fiddle yard or “the rest of the world”. Note the bridge section to the right. This plan does meet the continuous run criteria but Brecon did not really operate with through trains so in an attempt to offer some resemblance to reality I introduced the circle in the fiddle yard which allowed for east bound trains to leave Brecon, to loop and return from the east and the same for west bound trains heading to Neath and back. The blue line to the west was never there in reality but I added it in to offer some additional running flexibility. The hanging red branch to the west is intended to go to an imaginary country terminus on an upper level.